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Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The firm emphasizes fine condition throughout its stock. The firm is always interested in purchasing books such as what will be found on this web site; whether it be individual volumes or an entire library. If you have such books to sell, please contact the firm's owner, Vic Zoschak, regarding same.  Finally, please note, we do NOT offer a gratis appraisal service.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, Tavistock Books has transitioned to, primarily, an on-line only business model and the shop is now closed to the general public.  We welcome visits, on a 'by appointment' basis, by other members of the trade & established customers.  That said, please note, this website is open 24/7, and items so ordered will generally ship within 3 business days, if not sooner. 

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As a bookseller, we often get calls of this nature:  “I know you buy books, but I have an entire estate to disperse…  do you, by chance, also purchase diaries, papers, photo albums, that sort of thing?”  My reply, “Why yes, we do.”  Such an acquisition is typically termed an ‘archive’.  And that, gentle reader, is the theme of this week’s FS list.  Archives.  Here offered are 15 archives, of a diverse nature, of the 30+ that would pop out should you do a search for the keyword ‘archive’ on our tavbooks.com website.

We invite you to peruse our ‘Archives' list, and should you find something that piques your interest, please inquire should you have any questions, or even better [from our perspective], place an order for same.

In either case, enjoy.

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