ULCERS.; The Game of Manipulating Company Personal. Board Game.
ULCERS.; The Game of Manipulating Company Personal.
ULCERS.; The Game of Manipulating Company Personal.

ULCERS.; The Game of Manipulating Company Personal.

Bramalea, Ontario, Canada. House of Games Corporation Limited. 1969. Reprint. Rule book: 4 pp. unnumbered, self wrappers. Illustrated. Game box: 9-3/4" x 19-1/2". Game board (unfolded): 19" x 19". Rule book: 8-1/2" x 5-12". "Company Card" (Score sheet): 4-1/2" x 18-1/4". Rule book is white paper, with black lettering. Game board is thick card board wrapped in black cloth, with multicolored label covering one side (the game!). Four wooden game pieces colored red, blue, green and yellow. Two wooden dice, colored red and gold. Fake paper money, colored dark yellow, white and light blue. "Company Card" is bright yellow paper with black lettering. One deck of cards titled "Strategy Card" are yellow thin card stock, with black lettering. Another deck of cards are white thin card stock with colored cartoon, illustrations of people. All housed in a large pictorial card board box. A NF copy. The box has some age toning and scuffing, overall bright! The game board has some rubbing to the corners, otherwise clean and bright. The decks, "Company Cards", and playing pieces are clean and crisp (possibly never used). A very nice copy. Item #46614

"ULCERS is the big business game that recognizes an important business fact: PEOPLE are among a corporation's most valuable assets. And people are why executives ger ulcers."

"Even thought ULCERS is a close approximation of everyday business life, it's fun to play. After all, you don't often get the opportunity to manipulate for fun and profit. Go ahead. Be your own boss. Get ULCERS."

These are some quotes from the description on the back of the box. It also mentions "ages 9 to adult". We can wonder what this game's ultimate purpose was: To start teaching children young the intricacies of choosing a career as an executive? To offer an amusing game to the proletariats? Or was is just a fun game made in the late 1960s? Whether the developer of the game had any or none of these in mind the fact does remain that this is a game of the times. The "people" that you have to chose from to hold different positions have some major gender disporpotions: 16 male cards and only 6 female cards. With 7 positions (2 secretaries, 2 salesman, 1 sales manager, 1 vice president and 1 president) for each player to fill its hard to believe that the "woman cards" were used for much beyond the secretaries.

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