U.S.S. WORDEN - DD 352.

Bremerton, Wash. 1935. Framed: 20-1/2" x 7". Period silver & black wooden frame. Images slightly yellowed, but otherwise clear, with good detail. A Very Good example of a rare photograph. Item #33724

The Worden, a Farrragut-class Destroyer, received 4 battle stars for her WWII service; she was built at the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, commissioned on 15 January 1935, with CDR. Raymond Earle Kerr commanding. Worden eventually was assigned San Diego as home port, though with the coming of the war, in October 1939 ,she sailed for Pearl Harbor. Worden was one of the few ships to escape damage on 7 December 1941. Worden continued to operate in the Pacific until late 1942, when she returned to San Francisco as escort to the battleships IDAHO & PENNSYLVANIA. Worden's next assignment area, the Aleutians, was to be her last... while in Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island, a strong current swept her into the rocks that breached her hull beneath the engine room, causing a complete loss of power. She eventually broached & broke up in the surf. 14 lives were lost, and the ship a total loss. Worden's name was struck from the Navy rolls on 22 December 1944.

This a very early photograph of the ship, along with images of the Commissioning Crew [141, each image with the individual's name underneath]. The official website for the ship does *not* show this image.

Price: $395.00

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