PLEIKU CAMPAIGN. Combat Operations After Action Report. 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile).; Pleiku Province Republic of Vietnam 23 Oct - 26 Nov 1965. Harry William Osborn Kinnard, Commanding, USA, Major General.

PLEIKU CAMPAIGN. Combat Operations After Action Report. 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile).; Pleiku Province Republic of Vietnam 23 Oct - 26 Nov 1965

(n. p.): Headquarters 1st Air Cavalry Division, 1966. 1st printing (presumed). 133 pp of text. Profusely illustrated with maps & charts. NB. with no reference to guide collation, the volume is sold as-is. 12-3/4" x 8". Printed covers of heavy stock paper, stab-bound with clips. General wear & soiling. Occasional smudge mark. Very Good. Item #47864

"The Pleiku Campaign took place from 23 October to 26 November 1965. It consisted of three operations:

• Operation Dân Th ng 21(20 to 26 October 1965), the first Pleime preparatory phase, was the relief operation of the besieged Pleime camp.

• Operation Long Reach, which was the Chu Pong phase, comprising two operations: Operation All the Way (27 October – 9 November 1965) conducted by the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade and Operation Silver Bayonet I (9–18 November 1965) conducted by the 3rd Air Cavalry Brigade against the NVA, which culminated in the Battle of Ia Drang occurring from 14 to 18 November 1965.

• Operation Than Phong 7 (18–26 November 1965) conducted by the ARVN Airborne Brigade in conjunction with the 2nd Air Cavalry Brigade conducting Operation Silver Bayonet II in the Ia Drang area. It was the final Ia Drang exploitation phase.

This joint ARVN-US campaign was characterized by a special procedure of "common operational concept, common intelligence, common reserve, and separate command".

Upon its arrival in Viet Nam in September 1965, the 1st Air Cavalry Division was put under the command of I Field Force Viet Nam (IFFV) and to operate in the II Corps areas of responsibility. The 1st Air Cavalry immediately established its headquarters named Camp Halloway in An Khe, Central Highlands, while its newly arrived troops started to conduct operations in the Bong Son coastal area of Qui Nhon.

The Air Cavalry participated in the Campaign in two steps: Operation Ingram (from 23 to 26 October) then Operation Long Reach (from 27 October to 26 November).

Operation Long Reach derives from tr ng chinh (in Vietnamese). It was assigned – on 26 October – by the II Corps Command to the 1st Air Cavalry Division with the mission to pursue the enemy into the Ia Drang-Chu Pong complex. The ARVN Airborne Brigade was put on the standby as reserved force during the Chu Pong phase, until it became the main force during the Ia Drang phase." [Wiki]

General Kinnard concludes the report by saying, "This campaign and its results would have been important at any stage of any war, but in the context of the situation that existed in Vietnam at the time of this campaign the results are believe to be of major military and, perhaps, even international importance."

A rare, restricted & limited-publication Army document recounting, in detail, the particulars of this joint forces campaign.

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