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Albums & Archives. A Catalogue.

History of human society is primarily composed of actions & behavior by people, often acting in concert, many times not.  And most of what we today know about human history comes from those individuals who record it as it happens, whether intentionally through such means as a diary, or indirectly, such as later inferences made from printed material & other remnants of the era being studied.  A oft expressed lament of modern historical scholars is the lack of such documentation from the ‘comman man’, especially in the early modern period.  Such, hopefully, will not be the concern of scholars centuries hence, as more folk of the common variety, during the last two centuries, did keep records…  print, visual & written.  Herein, you will find such material.  Records documenting ‘normal' people, going about ‘normal' activities, but please do not confuse ‘normal' with uninteresting.  Item 10 are the comprehensive diaries of a late 19th C. man involved in, amongst many other activities, silver mining in Colorado; no. 7 the archive of a significant player in World War II; you’ll find many wonderful photograph albums that record & document everything from boat building, to telephone infastructure, to a California rodeo. So here we offer history.  Enjoy.

Select Acquisitions

Some interesting new Dickens items have come our way in the recent past, and we've selected some of those, along with a few from stock, to this month populate our website's SELECT ACQUISITIONS list. 

Click on the link to the left to see 25 pictured items, including a number of titles from Peterson's CHEAP EDITION FOR THE MILLION, to a couple nice framed engravings suitable for hanging, to a Reynolds pastiche of Master Humphrey's Clock, to books from the Inimitable's library, to a Dickens signed copy of Menken's INFELCIA.

Prices range from $95 to $15,000. 

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